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Berlin Wall

Another wish fulfilled. I finally visited Checkpoint Charlie and the Berlin Wall!

In 1989 the fall of the Berlin Wall gave me hope that Apartheid would fall too. Hope that we “simply” had to keep up the pressure and continue the fight for our South African democracy!

Berlin Wall

Standing at the remnants of the Berlin Wall is a bitter sweet reminder that where there is hope, there is life!

Berlin Wall

This morning I saw sad reminders of the atrocities that us humans commit.

This afternoon my spirits soared as I watched hundreds of people walk past our apartment in Berlin demonstrating against the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) for an inclusive society.

The demo slogan: “Bass statt Hass!” OR “Bass not Hate!”

This evening I danced with thousands of Counter-AfD demonstrators converging on the Brandenburg Gate from various parts of Berlin, with massive techno and house beats blasting from trucks – reminiscent of my Zürich Love Parade days!

Berlin Wall
We brought something for you BASS. BASS. BASS!

Today marks a VICTORY of the left over the right with more than 25 000 Germans/Berliners using music to show their opposition to the right-winged AfD! The AfD only had about 5000 participants in their demonstration!

Berlin Wall
Demonstrators partying down Strassse des 17. Juni heading to the Brandenburg Gate

It is an honour and a privilege to have been present at this victory!

As I sit here writing at 20h00, I can hear the thumping bass beats being carried on the wind from the Brandenburg Gate.

A Luta Continua!!! The Struggle Continues!!!

Here is a selection of the photos that I took during the course of the day.

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