Blood Moon Volketswil: My contribution to the WWW

Blutmond Volketswil

Last night I was surprised to see that the Blood Moon Volketswil drew quite a crowd to the bridge across the Oberlandautobahn A53!

We, the crowd, in turn, drew a huge amount of attention from motorist passing both over and under the bridge. Bizarrely, drivers felt the need to honk their horns incessantly when passing us. Others were even crazier and stopped on the bridge – ILLEGALLY!

This annoyance aside, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience!

Being the first to arrive at 20h45 I was shortly followed by a guy with a super cool photography setup!!!

He had a HUGE lens, a funky tripod and a remote release cable! I consider my attempts to capture the Blood Moon as moderately successful.

After investing more than 4 hours in waiting, watching, clicking and running backwards and forwards along the bridge, of the over 300 hundred photos taken I only have 16 that I consider decent.

Most of my photos have this double-vision and/or blurry effect, similar to my own vision when I am drunk.

Although sober and even with using a tripod, the results clearly show that a remote release cable could have been a big help!


Blood Moon Volketswil


Ironically, for a hobby that is relatively expensive, it is one of the least expensive pieces of photography equipment. A shame that I have not yet invested in one.

I will correct this oversight today so that I am set for the next blood moon in Switzerland, which will take place on 20 -21 Jan 2019.


Herewith, my meagre 16 photos for your review and feedback if you feel inclined to comment.


P.S. Although I know the correct term is “Lunar Eclipse”, I quite like the term “Blood Moon”. It makes me think of vampires and such like.


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