Spanischen Frühling: Eine Rundreise durch Valencia und Katalonien

Spanish Spring

Einige Lieblingsfotos meines Abenteuers im Spanischen Frühling, mit Sandra und Renate Eine fantastische Rundreise, um Familie in L’Ametlla de Mar in Katalonien ES zu besuchen. Wernie bewies, dass er nicht nur ein ausserordentlicher Gastgeber sondern auch ein ausgezeichneter Reiseführer ist, indem er uns auf eine Küstenreise zur wunderschönen Peñiscola (Valencia) und nach Tarragona (Katalonien) mitnahm. […]

Spanish Spring: Road tripping around Valencia and Catalonia

Spanish Spring

A few favourite photos of my Spanish Spring adventure with Sandra and Renate. A fantastic road trip visiting family in L’Ametlla de Mar in Catalonian Spain. Wernie proved to be not only the “host with the most” but also an excellent tour guide, taking us on coastal road trips to beautiful Valencian Peñiscola and Tarragona […]

Bretzel Baguette Hotdog Recipe Bretzel Baguette Hotdog Recipe

I came across this Bretzel Baguette Hotdog Recipe in a little German bread recipe booklet given to me by Mom. Initially, I thought that it was a little too complicated for me because I prefer baking simple things nevertheless, I told myself that if I can bake Brioche, then I certainly can do this! Finally, […]

Savoury Chilli Cheese Turban Loaf

Savoury Chilli Cheese Turban Loaf

I was getting a bit bored baking the same two sets of bread (Sonntagszopf & Brownbread) and decided to experiment with something savoury. The result is my Savoury Chilli Cheese Turban Loaf. Trial & Error In the first Savoury Chilli Cheese Turban Loaf, I used a tablespoon of Chilli. As a result, the chilli overpowered the […]

#Synchronbacken Brioche Challenge

#Synchronbacken Brioche

Check out what SaKel and I did for the #Synchronbacken Brioche challenge! A weekend of firsts for us. It was our first time participating in #synchronbacken and also the first time we baked brioche. It turned out perfectly! Fantastic TEAMWORK!!! The #synchronbacken brioche challenge was a lot of work and rather time-consuming but well worth […]

Zürcher Kantonalbank are Doing Things Differently for Lesbians and Gays

Doing Things Differently

Did you know that Zürcher Kantonalbank are Doing Things Differently for Lesbians and Gays! I was quite taken aback when Zürcher Kantonalbank invited me to an event offering financial guidance in preparation for my twilight years! I could not help but conclude that it can only be for one of two reasons: They are telling […]

Büyükada Island Bridle Makers

Büyükada Island bridle makers

Eight years on and I still marvel at the work done by the Büyükada Island bridle makers. I have always admired and respected people who practice a craft, especially as a means to earn a living. It is one thing to craft as I do with my hand knitting, which I find relaxing and enjoyable. […]

Quick Curry – in under 60 minutes

Quick Curry

This is my super Quick Curry, which takes about 50 minutes from start to finish. I am sharing this recipe especially for Kyle, who has been waiting for one of my curry recipes for over 10 years! There are a few others who will also be happy that I finally put this Quick Curry recipe […]

Bubbles Brunch – Cafe Bubbles in Zurich

Bubbles Brunch

Bubbles Brunch @ Cafe Bubbles in Zurich   Bubbles Brunch is one of my all time favourite things to do in Zürich!     I have been going to Cafe Bubbles for over 13 years, so I am an “Old Timer”.   It is conveniently located near Stauffacher Tram Stop, in the centre of Zürich, […]