Bretzel Baguette Hotdog Recipe Bretzel Baguette Hotdog Recipe

I came across this Bretzel Baguette Hotdog Recipe in a little German bread recipe booklet given to me by Mom. Initially, I thought that it was a little too complicated for me because I prefer baking simple things nevertheless, I told myself that if I can bake Brioche, then I certainly can do this! Finally, […]

#Synchronbacken Brioche Challenge

#Synchronbacken Brioche

Check out what SaKel and I did for the #Synchronbacken Brioche challenge! A weekend of firsts for us. It was our first time participating in #synchronbacken and also the first time we baked brioche. It turned out perfectly! Fantastic TEAMWORK!!! The #synchronbacken brioche challenge was a lot of work and rather time-consuming but well worth […]

Quick Curry – in under 60 minutes

Quick Curry

This is my super Quick Curry, which takes about 50 minutes from start to finish. I am sharing this recipe especially for Kyle, who has been waiting for one of my curry recipes for over 10 years! There are a few others who will also be happy that I finally put this Quick Curry recipe […]

Kochkunst: Brathähnchen gehackt!

Kochkunst:  Brathähnchen gehackt! Die einzigen Kochbücher, die ich besitze, sind die, die ich vor über 13 Jahren aus Südafrika mitbrachte. Tatsächlich kann ich mich nicht erinnern, wann ich das letzte Mal ein Kochbuch gekauft habe. Es ist so viel einfacher, ein Rezept online zu suchen, als über einem Kochbuch zu sitzen – keine CTRL+F Funktion […]

Cooking Hacks: Hacked Roast Chicken

Cooking Hacks: Hacked Roast Chicken   The only recipe books I possess, are those that I brought with me from South Africa, over 13 years ago. In fact, I cannot remember when I last bought a recipe book. I find it so much easier to look up recipes online, than to pour over a recipe […]