Bretzel Baguette Hotdog Recipe Bretzel Baguette Hotdog Recipe

I came across this Bretzel Baguette Hotdog Recipe in a little German bread recipe booklet given to me by Mom. Initially, I thought that it was a little too complicated for me because I prefer baking simple things nevertheless, I told myself that if I can bake Brioche, then I certainly can do this! Finally, […]

Savoury Chilli Cheese Turban Loaf

Savoury Chilli Cheese Turban Loaf

I was getting a bit bored baking the same two sets of bread (Sonntagszopf & Brownbread) and decided to experiment with something savoury. The result is my Savoury Chilli Cheese Turban Loaf. Trial & Error In the first Savoury Chilli Cheese Turban Loaf, I used a tablespoon of Chilli. As a result, the chilli overpowered the […]

#Synchronbacken Brioche Challenge

#Synchronbacken Brioche

Check out what SaKel and I did for the #Synchronbacken Brioche challenge! A weekend of firsts for us. It was our first time participating in #synchronbacken and also the first time we baked brioche. It turned out perfectly! Fantastic TEAMWORK!!! The #synchronbacken brioche challenge was a lot of work and rather time-consuming but well worth […]

Quick Curry – in under 60 minutes

Quick Curry

This is my super Quick Curry, which takes about 50 minutes from start to finish. I am sharing this recipe especially for Kyle, who has been waiting for one of my curry recipes for over 10 years! There are a few others who will also be happy that I finally put this Quick Curry recipe […]